Thursday, 19 November 2015

Haad Thian East

Just a short post to share this brilliant video of Haad Thian East made for The Sanctuary. As well as being an advert for the famous wellness centre on the island, it showcases the stunning beach and the surrounding natural beauty.

The video relies heavily on aerial photography that circles the Sanctuary on the headland as well as hovers over a calm emerald ocean. Such stunning images would have been out of the financial reach of most businesses in Koh Phangan prior to the advent of drone technology. There are now companies in Koh Samui that have drones ready to film and photograph from the sky. It gives a new perspective to a place and helps capture the wider context of a locale. In this case, it demonstrates that Haad Thian East is a small beach nestled in the jungle. It is a tropical and unspoiled paradise.

For those bracing themselves for the cold of a European or North American winter, this video cannot help but engender wistful feelings of wanting to be far away on a remote tropical island.

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