Friday, 10 May 2013

Haad Nam Tok

Haad Nam Tok is one of the smallest and least visited beaches in Koh Phangan. It’s on the East Coast south of Than Sadet beach. Very beautiful and also very hard to get to.

From Haad Rin or Thong Sala, you need to take the Bantai Road until you get to the turning by the 7Eleven to go to Thong Nai Pan. Follow the Thong Nai Pan road about 500 metres past Koh Phangan Jungle Flight. On your right you will see a turning to Than Praphad and Kung Bungalows. It is a dirt track.

Be warned this is a bad road. You can do it on an automatic motorbike if there is one person per bike and you are fairly confident at riding. The track is steep and rocky in spots. You need to follow the road and sign to ‘The Beach’ for about 4km; keep an eye on the road ahead because there comes a point you need to leave your bike – the road gets too steep and if you ride down you won’t get back up again. The best place to leave your bike is by the sign that says ‘Walkway to Beach’. Beyond that it is walking only.

Once you have left your bike it’s only about a 20 minute walk down to the beach, but more strenuous back up. You need to bring water and wear a hat as you will get very hot. The views on the way are spectacular and the path crosses over the waterfall that gives the beach its name (‘Nam Tok’ means waterfall in Thai). It gets steep near the beach but there are ropes fixed to the rock to stop you slipping on the path.

There is very little at the beach. A bar, which may or not be open. Sometimes some tents for rent and a toilet/shower block. Very often no one else is there. One local lives on the cliff above but bothers no one. Foreigners sometimes set up here for months on end doing the whole Alex Garland thing. Early 2013 there have been lots of beach parties here at night. If one is on when you go to Koh Phangan I would advise thinking about a visit. Very Old Skool and a small like-minded crowd. Just remember to bring water, beer, food and anything else you are going to need for a night out.

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